We get it. You don’t have time to slow down because of pain or discomfort! The gentle chiropractic care at Momentum Chiropractic enhances your body’s ability to self-heal and adapt to the demands of daily life by improving the communication from your nerves to the muscles and joints. The result over time is a lighter load from postural compensations, and you end up moving better, ready to tackle life *YOUR* way!

Your chiropractic experience with us may be very different from previous.  Dr. Wu uses the most advanced technique to date, Torque Release Technique (TRT) which helps to pinpoint imbalances and adjust with precision. We have found that by efficiently discovering the source of the problem, we can help your body to heal quicker.

Adjustments are often made with the use of an instrument called an “Integrator”.  Many of our patients have commented on how they have successfully achieved their health goals with our gentle adjustments, without any “twisting, popping or cracking”.


You may be choosing chiropractic care for a variety of reasons, including preventing injuries, pain relief  or returning to an activity that you had to give up because of pain.

You may NOT even have any pain at the moment, but simply wish to take care of your spine!  Just like your teeth, your spine requires periodic tune-ups to keep you moving and aging well. Benefits of taking care of your spine before pain or a rounded back sets in, include:

  • Preventing injuries
    •  You’ve probably heard of someone bending over to pick up a pencil and then couldn’t straighten up without awful pain?  Keeping the spine moving well and lubricated may prevent it from locking unexpectedly
  • Saying ‘bye-bye’ to re-occurring symptoms
    • Ever noticed that your symptoms tend to come-and-go, but now they are over-staying their welcome?  This could mean that your body has lost it’s ability to adapt and may need some chiropractic help to return to a more balanced state
  • Looking great in those photos… Joking aside, MOST importantly, preventing excessive wear-and-tear on your spine from weak posture
    • Take this 5-minute At-Home Posture Test
      • You will feel proud to stand tall without a rounded back or seeing a dreaded hump on the back of your neck making a cameo.