Integrator adjusting instrument

Dr. Wu uses a modern chiropractic adjusting technique called Torque Release (TRT).  Her approach delivers effective, precise adjustments to the spine using a hand-held Integrator adjusting instrument.

TRT analysis highly targets the areas of the spine that will produce the greatest improvement of your presenting symptoms.  Contrary to the belief that doing More is Better, this does NOT apply to this adjusting method.  In reality, the key is to be specific in finding and adjusting the area(s) that will produce the greatest change, allowing your body to do its own healing.

This being said, I’ll bet that many are trying to make sense of what we’ve just described, you’re probably asking:  How do fewer adjustments or interventions delivered during any one treatment give the biggest results in the long term?  Here’s why!

This technique is not suited to those seeking a ‘quick fix’ or temporary relief.  Instead the goal of Torque Release is to gradually correct the root cause of your presenting symptoms in a timely manner.

Since we all have unique biomechanics, there is no single chiropractic technique that suits absolutely everyone. However, if you are a good candidate for the Torque Release method, you will notice significantly longer lasting improvement of your symptoms as you progress through your adjustments.