The Advantage of the Integrator

How To Make Your Workstation Fit You

View DetailsHere is one of the best and most comprehensive resources that I’ve come across to perform a self-assessment of your workstation to avoid strain while at work.  Enjoy!

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Wake Up in Comfort: 3 Steps to Choosing a Pillow That Fits

One of the most common questions that I’ve been asked is how to choose the correct pillow.  If you find yourself waking up in the morning with neck, shoulder or upper back stiffness or soreness, an unsupportive pillow may be contributing this discomfort or even headaches.  Here is a primer what to take into account when choosing a new pillow.

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The Great Core Training Debate: Abdominal Hollowing vs. Abdominal Bracing

In the past few years, the manner in which to go about incorporating core conditioning into one’s workout regime or sport-specific training continues to be debatable in the world of biomechanics research.  Below is a brief introduction to your “Core” and its importance in improving daily function and maximizing athletic training.

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Ready, Set, Go! Tips for Finding Your Ideal Running Shoe

With the array of athletic shoes available in the Edmonton market today, it becomes a daunting task.  Selecting appropriate footwear and wearing custom-fitted orthotics (if necessary) may decrease the discomfort of  your feet, ankles, knees or hips when engaging in sporting activities.  In order to simplify the task of locating your ideal runner, here is an overview of the common base features in every shoe and some fitting tips to consider.  Read more…


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