Helping You Move Better.  Adapt Better. Do Life Better.

“So, What is Dr. Wu doing that you’re feeling better under chiropractic care?”   This has to be the most common question asked by others when patients report that same nagging area doesn’t tend to flare up anymore or nearly as often, their pain/discomfort settles quicker, or they can now tackle whatever life requires with more everyday ease.

In a nutshell, chiropractic care at Momentum Chiropractic initially helps to unravel the layers of compensations that culminated in an alert symptom, and then periodic check-ups ensure that the body continues to adapt well in light of the always-changing demands of daily life.

Concepts behind the Adjustments at Momentum Chiropractic:

Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself.   Your body should quickly and efficiently deal with the problem and restore itself to health.

The Body Compensates through Adaptation.  Many factors interfere with the body’s natural self-healing functions and its ability to adapt to the demands of our busy lives. We all know that we need adequate high-quality sleep, healthy foods, and exercise. Various types of stress and toxins (chemical stress) cause harm. Even your mindset (emotional stress) can impact your health. If a body is consistently sleep deprived, does not get adequate nutrition from food or consumes unhealthy foods, fails to exercise, and exists in a constant state of high stress, it will not be able to heal and regenerate itself nearly as efficiently as it could. In this state, injury is occurring in minor ways every single day. How can a body heal itself when it’s unable to keep up with the damage caused by the person’s lifestyle?

Every patient develops symptoms for different reasons, but cumulative sources of spinal stress include:

  • Fall-related injuries
  • Rapidly changing bodies during pregnancy
  • The birthing process
  • Children playing/falling
  • Sleeping on an inadequate mattress or pillow
  • Sitting/desk work
  • Frequent use of electronics or digital devices
  • Heavy lifting
  • Emotional stress

Under ANY form of stress (physical, emotional, chemical) the brain does not differentiate the source.  The brain perceives and records adverse inputs as generalized stress on the body and stores it somewhere in the nervous system to process.  However, in order for the body to maintain equilibrium,  these adverse inputs need to be balanced out.  The brain communicates the need to adapt through the nerve system to their corresponding joints and muscles:  tighten and hunch shoulders here, stiffen low back there, etc.

This compensatory process eventually reaches its maximum threshold and sends feedback to the brain that the system has become overloaded. The result is recurrent or chronic symptoms that can present in any part of the body. The site of where it hurts may not necessarily be the source; it could simply be the weakest link in the system that ends up expressing the alert tone.


Your chiropractic experience with us may be very different from previous. You may have gathered from all this that chiropractic care does NOT treat a symptom;  rather, it helps to restore balance in the brain-body communication so that your body can once again adapt as it should.  The vehicle of this communication is via the nervous system.  A nagging symptom is simply a general alert from the body that it’s failing to adapt appropriately to life’s demands placed on it.

Torque Release Technique’s (TRT) main objective is to enhance the body’s self-balancing ability by pinpointing and adjusting spinal segments where nerve feedback from the muscles/joints to your brain is sub-optimal. When all of your body’s systems are coordinated and working together, it will better correct itself from the demands of daily life, promoting healing and long-term health.

Adjustments are delivered using a chiropractic adjusting instrument called an Integrator. Our patients have been pleasantly surprised by how they have comfortably achieved their health goals with our gentle adjustments, without the “twisting, popping or cracking” of traditional hand adjustments.

Dr. Wu will check your spinal column for areas where the nervous system is being damaged by spinal subluxations and will deliver an adjustment using the Integrator instrument. It makes a clicking noise and will feel like a quick impulse into the muscles of your spinal column.

This reproduces what the hands were intended to do with much more specificity and less force than ever possible by hand. The Integrator delivers a specific frequency into the nerve endings of the spinal column, exactly where nerve function has become irritated.

Torque Release Technique is a “jump start” for your body’s “electrical system” and is a technique to stimulate your nervous system in such a way that it will release and reduce tension, assisting your body to self-correct.

Scientifically speaking, your spinal cord is a thick string of piezoelectric gel (electricity conducting jelly). The frequency it is working at is determined by the amount of tension and/or torsion being placed at either end of the “string”. Just like a guitar string, the tightness of the cord determines the tune that is being played.

TRT differs from many of the other chiropractic techniques in that it focuses a lot of attention to the “tuning pegs”: the strategic and vital connection points between the spinal cord and spinal column. As we gently and methodically adjust these areas of your spinal cord, we are changing the degree of tension in the central nervous system.