Do you remember when you were young and your parents would tell you to “Sit up straight!” at the dinner table?  Mom and dad were actually on to something that could potentially keep us healthier and living longer, as new studies suggest.

Posture is how the body positions itself in space.  How the head stacks over the shoulders, the torso, the pelvis and the legs plays an important role in how well you move and the resulting loading of your joints.

Changes in posture occur when any part of the body is moved, often caused by heavy backpacks, poor computer postures, or smart-phone/video game usage.  Resulting effects can range from neck and shoulder tension, headaches, fatigue, decreased lung capacity and more serious nerve conditions like tingling in the hands or arms.

During the StrongPosture Building Program, you will:

  • Learn How

    Learn how to re-program your body’s learned compensation patterns to move better – Move well to age well As posture becomes more bent forward, the harder the back muscles have to work to stay upright and progressively become tighter.

  • Avoid slips

    Avoid slips and falls as your body becomes better equipped to react quicker

  • Prevent flare-ups

    Prevent flare-ups of back, neck, hip pain