OK.  You’ve come to the realization that your weak posture could be overloading your joints leading to that nagging neck or shoulder tension, back pain or tingling in the arms, and you want to look and feel great again.  You’ve tried all those generic exercises that are supposed to ‘fix your posture’… and yet you find your shoulders springing back into that dreaded slouch!

The Smart Spine Posture Program was developed at Momentum Chiropractic out of clinical successes with our patients.  We have identified missing links in their quest for strong posture and are excited to share our expertise with you too!

  • Let us identify your trouble areas to amplify your corrective efforts

    A thorough chiropractic postural exam and spinal movement assessment will accurately identify trouble areas to accelerate your path to feeling better.  Tailored, scientifically-proven exercises will maximize results for your body.

  • Supercharge Your Brain-Body Connection

    Lasting posture correction involves more than stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles.  It relies heavily on a nerve system that correctly sends signals to your postural muscles. Your body patterns itself on what you teach it and if poor habits outnumber stronger posture habits, these compensatory postures become programmed in your body as your resulting posture.    Our modern Torque Release chiropractic adjustments re-educate this brain-body connection.

  • Track your progress

    Posture doesn’t change overnight, so we use a digital postural analysis program to assign a baseline Posture Number to provide a starting point to improve upon and document your improvement.