The Shoulder Explained

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The shoulder complex is by far one of the most fascinating structures in the body because it has an amazing range of motion, but this all comes at the expense of stability.   Many of us have probably experienced some degree of shoulder pain during exercise, and wrote it off as simply being exercise-related.  However, that same shoulder may have started to become achy, lasting hours even after the exercise, or the range of motion of the arm became limited.  It’s usually at this point where patients present clinically,  wondering “which muscle they can stretch out or strengthen” to avoid this discomfort.  The answer, once again is not simple, due to the complexity of the shoulder complex.     This article will look at the basic structure of the shoulder complex and how the athlete may be able to prevent shoulder injuries, including training considerations.

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How To Make Your Workstation Fit You

View DetailsHere is one of the best and most comprehensive resources that I’ve come across to perform a self-assessment of your workstation to avoid strain while at work.  Enjoy!

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Motherhood And Back Pain

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with my patients throughout all stages of their motherhood – starting from the pre-natal period (providing pain-relief in a safe and gentle manner) to post-natal period (ensuring that their optimal level of function is restored after delivery).  As moms enter the exciting stage of expecting a new baby, this excitement may be curtailed (briefly!) with an air of concern in her voice asking: “Why am I experiencing discomfort in my low back/neck/shoulders during pregnancy when I’ve never even had these concerns in the past?”   You may even identify with this question since you are definitely not alone.  A study in the journal Orthopedics reports that 50 to 90% of pregnant women will most likely experience back pain.

Why are these statistics so high?  Let’s take a brief look at the major biomechanical and physiologic changes occurring at different points of motherhood that may manifest as back, hip, neck, shoulder or neck pain:

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Wake Up in Comfort: 3 Steps to Choosing a Pillow That Fits

One of the most common questions that I’ve been asked is how to choose the correct pillow.  If you find yourself waking up in the morning with neck, shoulder or upper back stiffness or soreness, an unsupportive pillow may be contributing this discomfort or even headaches.  Here is a primer what to take into account when choosing a new pillow.

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The Great Core Training Debate: Abdominal Hollowing vs. Abdominal Bracing

In the past few years, the manner in which to go about incorporating core conditioning into one’s workout regime or sport-specific training continues to be debatable in the world of biomechanics research.  Below is a brief introduction to your “Core” and its importance in improving daily function and maximizing athletic training.

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