I saw Dr. Wu years ago but moved away. After returning to the city I went to see her for prenatal care when I was 6 months pregnant. She was able to gently address some areas of pain and concern. She is very professional and helpful and I will continue to see her during and after my pregnancy.


Fantastic, highly recommended

Dr. Sarah Wu is friendly, professional, and extremely good at her profession. I’ve never had a bad appointment and she always makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Leah K.

Awesome clinic
“Dr. Wu is very thorough and so so kind! I felt completely safe and well cared for, something I was having trouble finding at other clinics. She is great at prenatal chiropractic and I look forward to continuing care after as well. ”


Dr Wu is by far the best chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. I was hesitant to try her out, her method is different. But after discussing my issues, goals and challenges with my previous chiropractic care, she was able to put a plan in place and work with me to see the results I wanted. I’ve always been stuck in the red for treatment frequency. No other practitioner has ever been able to work with me to get to the yellow or green frequency of treatment. I finally see change in my body!!


I visited two chiropractors, one I didn’t like and the other I felt wasn’t finding the issue, before going to see Dr Wu. I liked her from the start and she found the root of my issue right away. It took some work to get me “fixed” and I go for tune ups now, usually due to stressing my body with sports. Dr Wu is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have recommended her to friends and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her again.


I have seen Dr. Wu through two pregnancies now, along with regular care in between, and she has always been helpful, professional and knowledgeable. She is great with my son as well! I am so thankful to have found this wonderful chiropractor! I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care for their family.

Alyssa P.

I recently saw Dr. Wu for the first time for an assessment/adjustment during my pregnancy. I was super impressed with not only her thoroughness, but she took the time to explain what she saw and why it could be happening – along with how she is addressing providing her services during this crazy COVID-19 time. She made me feel very at ease and I’m looking forward to my next interactions with her for the remainder of my pregnancy!

Allana B.

Dr Sarah is very kind, professional, knowledgeable and accurate in her diagnosis and treatment plan. She truly helps you heal and manage your pain. Highly recommend her!

Ronda S.

I recently saw Dr. Wu for the first time as a new patient and was greatly impressed with her thoroughness and attention to detail during the assessment. She was able to quickly zone into the pain I was experiencing and come up with an effective treatment plan. I’m already feeling better and am confident that Dr. Wu will help to get me quickly back on track.

Brandon B.

Went in due to tension headaches, neck and hip pain during pregnancy. Dr. Sarah was very nice as she figured out what exactly was wrong. Before she did anything she explained it fully until I understood. It was quick and easy and I got some relief after, where it kept coming back with just massages before.  I will definitely be seeing her for the rest of my pregnancy. I strongly recommend her!


After suffering from sciatica for many months I finally went to see Dr. Sarah Wu. Dr. Wu is very caring and knowledgeable and truly listens to her patients. She was able to treat my sciatica and teach me how to manage it as well. I am now pain free and feel like I have my life back! Thank you Dr. Wu.

Mary S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wu for nearly a decade and can always rely on her to help my headache and tight neck and shoulders after a long flight and hotel stay. I appreciate her calm nature and her informative approach. Our daughters (5 and 3 years) are so comfortable in her office and now hop right up when it’s their turn!

Kellie W.

I’ve had tons of trouble with my knees and then my back. I believe without Dr Sarah’s expertise and caring attitude I would not be walking, at the very least, not without pain. I trust her opinion on all things knees/ backs and in how to better take care of myself. A huge THANK YOU

Karen T.

I am pregnant with my first baby and started to get pretty bad pain in my hips and pelvis. Dr Wu was a wonderful listener and was quick to figure out what was going on. She was easy to talk to and wonderful to work with! I look forward to our ongoing sessions!

Sky K.

I started seeing Dr. Wu during my pregnancy and she was so accommodating and careful. I continue seeing her post-pregnancy and cannot speak highly enough of her. A great professional and a wonderful person, highly recommend!


I brought my 4 year old to Dr. Wu because a friend suggested I try chiropractic care for my daughter who, every night since birth has always woken up consistently and has tossed and turned all night. After one adjustment my daughter slept the entire night and woke up telling me she had the best sleep ever! We will continue the treatment plan and very happy and excited to share these results with everyone who may be experiencing the same trouble. Wish I would’ve brought her in sooner!!


Dr. Wu has adjusted me on a few occasions over the past two years and always gives me immediate and ongoing relief. My father was a Chiropractor so I’ve had many treatments. Dr Wu is a wonderful and effective practitioner who gently realigns my body so I can be active and comfortable.


Fast, efficient, and effective with a good degree of pleasantness. Sarah Wu is without exception the most qualified chiropractor I have ever experienced. She has kept me free of pain that I have had as a result of work and over exertion.


Sarah made sure that I could understand my own pain, what was happening and what I can do to help work through it. My last appointment she could tell I was tight without having to tell her where, she could just tell. I don’t leave worried about how my baby is doing, she makes sure to ask what my OB has said about the baby’s positioning so that she can adjust safely. Best Chiro I’ve been to.

Deanna I.

I have had lower back pain for years and since I’ve started seeing Dr. Wu I feel great. She is very personable and explains what is going on. I would recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor to go to her.

Holly O.

The best chiropractor I’ve ever been to! Dr.Wu explains the treatment you are receiving and I’m sure she knows exactly what the issue is before I even let her know what’s bothering me! You never feel rushed, you are always listened to and feel great when you leave. Highly recommended.


Dr. Wu is amazingly knowledgable. I have taken all of my children to see her and have been impressed each time with what she sees and the results of her treatment.

Courtney R.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sarah now for almost 3 years pre and post pregnancy and she has helped me with neck and back pain which have also relieved my migraines. She’s very knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend seeing her for any kind of pain. Since seeing her, I’ve brought in my son and husband. She is great with kids! Quick, kind and efficient. She helped my son with neck issues due to flat head syndrome.

Jonalyn M.

Dr. Sarah has helped relieve stress in my shoulders & improved the pain in my lower back. She has also helped to improve movement in my knuckles which are developing arthritis. This is a very important part of my treatment since I am a pianist. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah.


Dr. Sarah does a great job of listening to what ails you and then goes to work. She is friendly, kind and extremely good at what she does. I highly recommend her.

D. W.

Dr. Sarah Wu has really impressed me with her ability to find my issues and solve them so efficiently. She always makes me feel balanced and healthy- and has relieved so much pain for me in the last year. I am thankful to have been referred to this astute and kind woman!


I went to my first appointment thinking not much could change after JUST ONE appointment due to my severe pain for years now, and I can not wait to go back this week to continue my journey to recovery! Absolutely would recommend going to her she is amazing and takes her time and explains everything!

Tara K

I started seeing Dr. Wu at 28 weeks of my pregnancy (now at 36 weeks). She is amazing at what she does and makes you feel very comfortable and welcomed. She is very thorough and makes each visit worth your while even though the pregnancy adjustment appointments are very short. Her receptionist is also very welcoming and I love how simple and easy it is to book/reschedule appointments on their website. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Wu!!!


Dr Wu is amazing she takes the time to explain everything, gives a thorough exam and gives you the knowledge of things you can do at home to help your problem areas I would recommend her to anyone looking for a new chiropractor


Started seeing Dr.Wu for severe pelvic girdle pain when I was 35 weeks pregnant. Have never been to a chiropractor before. She is so gentle and has such a calming demeanor, she made me feel at ease for every visit. She has helped me so much with just minor adjustments to ease my discomfort until this baby makes its appearance. And will continue to see her postpartum as well.

Gloria L.

Since seeing Dr. Wu, I have had a better quality of life. She treats the whole, not just the part. She does not crack you and so the relief is long lasting.


I was very impressed with her knowledge regarding not only prenatal, but helping to give me advice on birthing positions since I hurt my hip at 40 weeks. She also explained to me structurally what was going on and showed me on a model, which I appreciated being involved and educated as to what was going on. I would absolutely recommend her especially if your pregnant!

Lauren S.

Dr. Wu takes time with you & is very efficient & effective. The appointments are always on time and she listens carefully. I live out of town, but am glad my daughter recommended Dr. Sarah. The online booking is easy and convenient too.


Dr. Wu is the best that there is! I have been seeing her since the beginning of my pregnancy due to ongoing hip issues. She is always attentive when listening to any issues or concerns you may have. I definitely plan on continuing to see her and she is always my first recommendation to family and friends!

Anastasia R.

Dr. Sarah is a true genius and master at her craft. I went in 2 months ago with severe back strain and after the first session I felt ten times better. I deadlifted 405 last night and my back felt great!

Alex B.

I had been dealing with back issues for years, and came to Momentum in hopes to find relief and answers for my pain. I felt that I was listened to and was asked to have new x-rays for the injury before I was ever adjusted. Since my first visit I now have answers of why I have pain and also a plan to manage current pain and prevent further injury. In the six months I have been coming to Momentum I have had more comprehensive treatment and better pain management than ever before.

Janine M.

After years of suffering with pain in my hips and seeing multiple chiropractors who couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong with me, Dr. Wu fixed my imbalance within two visits. I can now exercise and walk pain free, which has made my current pregnancy so much more enjoyable!

Bethany L.

Pain in both hips….did an alignment….ice pack as recommended…pain gone…always a good experience

Carol S.

Easy Booking, Very quick service and Dr. Wu is very knowledgeable. Dr. Wu has helped me with my back pain and helped me understand how to maintain a healthy back.


This has been my first experience with a chiropractor, and I am very impressed with the service I have received. Dr. Wu clearly explains not only what she is doing by why she is doing it (I get educated along the way). Most importantly, the treatment has been helping my sore back. Dr. Wu is also very friendly, understanding, and prompt! Highly recommend.


Amazing service here. Dr. Sarah is wonderful, very gentle with my baby and has made a world of difference for her. Highly recommend this office for treating your kiddos!

Acacia B.

I am a competitive curler & seeing Dr. Wu has significantly improved my training. I would recommend her to anyone at any level of competition for injury recovery and prevention.


I have been seeing Dr. Wu for a month now for prenatal care. She provides excellent insight into what I’m experiencing, why, and how to manage my pain and discomfort. She is very friendly and clearly cares about her patients. Highly recommend!!


Love the results for my daughter! She has had a swayed lower back affecting sport performance as well as it becomes sore when sitting for long periods. Great results, Sarah always has a welcoming personality and always punctual! Highly recommend!


Dr. Sarah Wu amazing. I brought my son in around 5 weeks of age because he was displaying irritability and we had tried everything else with no success. Within one visit his symptoms started to subside and after a few sessions was gone completely. She was so patient and kind and I felt very comfortable and trusted her.

Ciaran F.

This chiropractor is great! Appointments are fast. I’ve been going for a couple years now and the doctor is able to remember what my condition was like even just the year before. Always makes great recommendations to alleviate pain and issues to reduce the chance of them coming back. I will be coming to this clinic for a long time to come even if all my pain and stiffness is gone!


Since my son started seeing Dr. Wu one and a half weeks ago, he is a much happier child and his chronic constpation has improved so much. He over-all seems to be feeling much better. She is very patient and wonderful with the children.

Jenny C.

I can’t praise Dr.Wu enough. Her subtle changes have huge effects on my mobility and day to day life.

Lincoln F.

Great atmosphere to walk into and one fabulous doctor! Dr. Wu is knowledgeable, professional and she genuinely cares about your well being. She has helped me stay aligned and comfortable before and during my pregnancy. I highly recommend her!

Layel B.

I will forever recommend momentum chiropractic. I’ve had many injuries in the 5+ years I have been going to see Dr. Sarah and she always gets me back to 100%. I completely trust in her and her wealth of knowledge.

April H.

As a mom I can only say,that doctor Wu is a godsend,she not only helped my daughter but also myself,she has great knowledge in what she does,

Lucy H.

Dr Wu is a wonderful chiropractor. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate what she has done in helping me with an injury. I am so happy someone recommended her to me. She’s kind, efficient, and excellent in her work.

Juverna W.

I was referred to Dr. Sarah by my daughter. My daughter and her two daughters (age 5 and 7 months) have been under Dr. Sarah’s care for 5 years. I am very impressed and happy with my first visit. I felt listened to and cared for. Dr. Sarah is now my chiropractor.

Coline P.

Dr. Sarah always does a great diagnosis, and rather than just a regular “crack” actually performs different techniques based on your specific issues, and has always helped immediately. And she’s always very friendly and great to visit!

Nigel S.

I loved my first experience here! She was so comprehensive in her examination of me and didn’t just go in crackin without listening to my complaints. i’m 38 weeks pregnant and she was able to re align and balance my pelvis and when i walked out to my car after i barely felt pregnant my hips felt so good! I’m excited to continue going with her until baby is born and after.

Michelle E.
Great experience

Came in struggling to move after a minor accident. Now I’m flying! Great service, great, knowledgeable doc!


Dr. Wu has provided me with such amazing care! From helping my second son through some complications to helping me feel more comfortable through my third pregnancy. I cannot thank her enough for what she’s done for me and my family. We will continue to see her for years to come.


I tried other Chiro’s before finding Dr. Wu. I’m so glad I gave it another shot! She is genuine and not only provides exceptional adjustments but gives you functional suggestions to use in your day to day living. These have been SO helpful.

Julie R.

Dr. Wu is incredible! I have been seeing her for a few years now. She has helped me through two pregnancies, as well as helped me with headaches and hip issues. I cannot express enough how wonderful she is. She genuinely cares and always has time to listen and address concerns. Book with her! You won’t regret it! And the front clerk at the clinic is lovely. Always kind and welcoming.


I was hesitant when I began Chiro (due to largely believing it wouldn’t work, and thought I would only experience a placebo effect) but I can safely 9months later, there is no placebo effect, my twice weekly migraines are gone and my back is the best it has been in 4 years. I would highly recommend Dr. Wu. She is very thorough, and listens to you. Thanks Dr. Wu!

David O.

I took my 2 week old son to see Dr. Wu for his first adjustment after birth. Dr. Wu was so wonderful with him and explained to us areas in his spine that needed adjustment. She was so knowledgeable about infant care and is such a great addition to our son’s health care team!


I went to see Dr. Wu after months of struggling with postpartum pain. Without cracking and twisting, she has given me so much pain relief. Because she looks at the body as a whole, she treats the whole. Not just the parts.

Lisa L.

Dr. Wu runs a pretty punctual schedule and is always smiling. She’s great with my kids (she adjusts them too) and always talks through what she plans to do with them so there are no surprises. She remembers my history from visit to visit, even when I have long lapses in between. I have back and neck pain flare-ups periodically, and she’s my go-to relief! She’s terrific about finding a way to treat me on an “emergency” basis too, when needed.

Julie W.

Dr. Wu is wonderful! I Started chiro. half way through my pregnancy because I was in such pain-I could barely stand up some days! Really wish I had started going sooner! Not only that,but my first labor lasted over 27 hrs with excruciating back labor.(didn’t go to chiro) This time around baby was here in 2 1/2 hrs and no back labor (huge difference with chiro) Now I’m taking my baby (2 months) to make sure everything is aligned properly as he grows.


I went to Dr. Wu for si joint pain and back pain during my pregnancy as well as breech positioning. After my first appointment I felt much better immediately. I have also recently started taking my 6 week old to her for adjustments. She is a great doctor and has been very helpful for my baby and I.


My first time seeing a chiropractor and Dr. Wu and her staff were so professional! The technique she uses for adjustments is not scary whatsoever!!! I was pleasantly surprised as I was expecting the cracking and “traditional” chiropractic experience but received a completely gentle and effective treatment! She is extremely educated in how the body works and it shows! Also very excited to have someone who truly knows the female health needs and seeks to educate patients! I highly recommend her!!


I have been coming to see Dr. Sarah for over 7 years. She has seen me through several pregnancies and now my whole family sees her. We trust her completely. She is up-to-date on all methods and we always leave being better and balanced. My children really enjoy seeing her too.


I sought out chiropractic care after experiencing sciatic pain during my third pregnancy. During my first visit with Dr. Wu I was put at ease as she thoroughly explained everything and asked me many questions about myself prior to any adjustment or treatment. Not only was my sciatic pain resolved, Dr. Wu also helped with the positioning of the baby (after two previous posterior babies and a history or extremely long labours). I credit Dr. Wu with the positive (and fast) labour I just experienced


dr Wu is excellent and her office is perfectly organized; she listens and observes carefully, is technically excellent and remembers everything — she is interested in the well being of patients beyond fixing the problem at hand

K. V.A.

Dr. Wu definitely knows her stuff and made sure I was well informed about how she would be treating my 8-week old daughter. I left our first visit feeling assured that my baby girl is in excellent hands.


Dr. Wu was very thorough with her questioning to get a full picture of what my 3.5 month old was going through. She explained everything she was going to do and was very gentle and attentive to my daughter.

Brianne D.

Dr. Wu at Momentum Chiropractic has been incredible. Great during my pregnancy, great during post-partum and fantastic with my baby boy. She is so intelligent, so well versed with pregnancy and babies, and just great instincts too. I couldn’t recommend her more


I’ve been seeing Dr. Wu for a few months now and have felt noticeable improvements. Her analysis is incredibly thorough and uses advanced technology, as opposed to older methodologies, to facilitate treatment. She erased any anxiety I had about seeing a chiropractor for the first time and is so professional and kind. I would recommend her to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment!

Amanda M.

My daughter (9 yrs. old) is an All Star Cheerleader, due to the demand in Tumbling and training, she needed her back looked at because she was experiencing some discomfort. Dr. Wu was thorough and comforting, she invested quality time to identify what my daughter’s treatment required and then walked her through each step so nothing was scary or abrupt. Dr. Wu also took the time to explain to my daughter preemptive stretches and had her demonstrate each to make sure they were done properly.


I have tried a few other Chiropractors before, they rush you out within 2 minutes, they hardly take the time to ask questions or explain. What impressed me the most is Dr. Wu’s willingness to take the time to explain why & how she helps us, she is knowledgeable and thorough, and most importantly, she delivers and her treatment is effective. I highly recommend Dr. Wu because of the excellent service she provides.


After a visit to my dr. and a physio therapist to deal with sever back pain i was left with no real explanation of the cause of the pain and symptoms were getting worse. After my first visit with Dr.Wu she had assessed me with a herniated disk and began treatment. Relief was almost instant, she found time to slot me in even though see was booked, she could see the pain i was in an legitimately cared about my well being. Cannot say enough about the excellent care i received,

Jason G.

Dr.Wu has been amazing throughout my newborns care. She is very thorough and explains all treatments. I know my little man is in good hands, would highly recommend her.

Brandi H.

Dr. Wu is amazing! She has worked with both my children (ages 4 and newborn) and has been able to address the specific concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone for their chiro care.


I am very grateful I found Dr. Sarah online. She definitely has so much knowledge and explains what she is doing and why very thoroughly. I am in my 3rd trimester and working with her to be able to flip baby and she has given me great info and I look forward to going back to her. Shes super sweet and you can tell she is very passionate and knowledgeable about chiro care especially with pregnancy and infants.already have my next appointments booked.

Jamie C.

Dr. Sarah is amazing at helping with pregnancy wellness. This is my third pregnancy, and it has by far been the easiest to cope with thanks to Dr. Sarah! She was able to make my nausea managable and sciatica pain disapper; I wish I knew about her years ago.


To me, what matters is a care giver / service provider who is in it for the right reasons. This is abundantly clear very quickly. I was treated with kindness, understanding, professionalism and just enough wit to keep it all real. Well worth it

Rob E.

Dr. Wu is amazing with children and babies. She is so well educated. She helped my 3 month old so much. We are so greatful! We recommend her to everyone who is having concerns with their babies!

Mila A.

Momentum Chiropractic takes amazing care of our entire family. The personalized service and genuine caring is remarkable. Dr. Sarah Wu takes her time to understand our needs and gently sets us on the path to recovery.

Leah F.

Dr. Sarah Wu definitely takes time to do a thorough assessment and makes sure she makes you feel comfortable throughout the appointment. Also, the results are amazing and make a positive effect on my quality of life!

Jonathan H.

Dr.Sarah Wu has provided me with the best chiropractic care in all my years of seeking treatment for back pain and maintenance. She is detailed oriented, remembers your history despite having numerous clients, and never rushes you through an appointment. I can say without a doubt that she has improved my quality of life.

Colleen K.

I was having some pelvic pain and rib pain with my pregnancy and Dr. Wu helped so much. Even after just one treatment I noticed a huge improvement! I’m extremely happy that a friend recommended her to me and I will do the same for anyone else looking for a chiropractor, especially during pregnancy!

Cristina M.

I saw Dr. Sarah after almost a year and felt so much better immediately after walking out from the adjustments she made. Her energy, knowledge and understanding of the allostatic load from daily stresses and strains affecting the pains and aches in the body from past traumas is amazing! I appreciate her more then words can describe in this moment as my back and neck feels lighter with the pain being minimized. I highly recommend Sarah as an exemplary chiropractor in our city

Jaya C.

Dr. Sarah does a fantastic job of diagnosing and resolving very quickly, and never makes you feel she is just helping to make money. Only suggests follow ups when needed. Can’t recommend enough.

Nigel S.

Dr. Wu is a very knowledgeable and great chiro. I saw her in my third trimester of pregnancy and post partum. My 1 month daughter also sees her and helps her with her gas pain. Highly recommend Dr. Wu


Dr. Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and knows exactly how to help. After more than 6 months of limited mobility and lots of pain in my shoulder I thought to try chiro. It took a few visits, but Sarah had me back to full mobility and no pain! Not only did she treat me in the office but she also prescribed various exercises between appointments as we worked through healing and strengthening. I was AMAZED at the results and was so happy to be pain free once again!

Ricky I.

It’s a pleasure walking into Dr. Sarah’s office. I don’t usually enjoy visiting health professionals but her puncuality and productiveness is really a fresh breath of air.  Dr. Sarah has always given our family top notch service and treats more than I thought a chiropractor could.

Devin W.

Dr Sarah was fantastic! I am so pleased with her attention to detail, listening skills, and her vast knowledge. She was excellent with our newborn daughter and we’ve already seen progress since her treatment. I am so thankful for Dr Sarah!

Abigail M.

I was always nervous. From my first visit, Dr Wu made me feel comfortable and explained along the way! A very welcoming environment and love the ability to book online! Thank you!!!


Always on time, very personable and knowledgeable. Dr Wu is amazing. I see such a difference since my newborn has been seeing her.

Harper R.

I love Dr. Wu. She is so personable and understanding. She listens to my concerns and takes the time to explain things to me. In just a few short visits she has pretty much fixed my issue which I’ve had for many years. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed!

Natalia D.

I was recently treated by Dr. Wu and received very effective immediate results. She took the time and patience to diagnose my problem and followed through with helping relieve my neck and shoulder pain. I would recommend Dr. Sarah to anyone seeking a good chiropractor.

Frances S.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Sarah for years, including during my pregnancy. I appreciate her friendly and expert care. She is not pushy like some other chiropractors, and really takes the time to get to know you and take care of you.


I have been a customer for 5 years, starting during my pregnancy and now as needed. Each visit, I am welcomed and thoroughly evaluated and treated as needed. I like Dr. Sarah’s technique and have seen great results. I would highly recommend her as a great chiropractor.


I first visited Dr Wu the last months of my pregnancy she helped me so much I convinced my husband to see her. With a difficult delivery my son was having trouble sleeping and nursing and Dr Wu also helped him. She is very precise and with each visit we are amazed at our improvement.


I had visited Dr. Wu after a recommendation from a friend for back pain during my pregnancy. She had extensive knowledge of not only chiropractic work, but also incorporating prenatal care into it as well. I felt extremely comfortable with her and she took her time to properly assess my condition and ask questions before proceeding with a treatment. In two visits I felt better than I had in months of visits with other chiropractors. A strong recommendation to any pregnant women!


I have been receiving chiropractic work since I was only 13 and have seen at least 5 different chiropractors in that time, and am happy to say that Dr. Sarah Wu is definitely the best of the best! I have a World of issues cause by flat feet, and during my first appointment Sarah was very thorough in assessing my individual chiropractic needs. She has done many adjustments since my first appointment and has never failed to leave me feeling good as new every time I leave the office!

Erin D.

I was 28 weeks pregnant with twins when I found myself in a incredible amount of pain when I walked. I could no longer work or do much of anything. I wanted to see a chiropractor with prenatal experience and I’m so glad I found Dr. Sarah! She took the time to assess my condition, and within 24 hours of her first adjustment, the pain was gone! Since my hips were continuing to move, I had to go back for a few more minor adjustments. I feel she was a reason I was able to carry my twins to term!

Melanie Q.

I was very impressed with Dr. Sarah! She is not only very knowledgeable but clearly loves what she does. She is really personable and came highly recommended from my mommy friends. I would recommend her to other prenatal/postnatal ladies as well!

Sarah H.

Momentum Chiropractic is an excellent location for infant chiropractic treatment. We feel very confident and safe with our baby in the care of Dr. Wu. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a fantastic touch with the little patients. We highly recommend this clinic and her services. Thank you Dr. Wu!


Dr. Wu has relieved pain, and increased my ability to get back to the activity level I desired in a very short period of time. She is very knowledgable about stretches, home treatment and activities to maintain the result achieved.

Rhonda H.

During my 4th pregnancy I saw Dr. Wu quite a few times, mostly the last few weeks of the pregnancy. She listens really well to all the symptoms, keeps me informed and she’s very thorough. She also treated my 1 week old daughter and was as thorough with her as with me, gentle, caring, again listening so well. Dr. Wu is professional, friendly and patient. I highly recommend her – especially to pregnant patients and babies!

Janine M.

I took my 5 month old baby in who had issues turning her head one direction. Dr. Wu was very patient and informative with all my questions and fears. My daughter was happy during the appointment and left happier then she has been in months!


Dr. Wu is very thorough and so so kind! I felt completely safe and well cared for, something I was having trouble finding at other clinics. She is great at prenatal chiropractic and I look forward to continuing care after as well.


I was referred to Dr. Sarah by my prenatal yoga instructor 5 years ago. I had been searching for chiropractor for over two years and had not found anyone that had met my high expectations. Dr. Sarah is professional, knowledgeable, and so thuro. But, most important, she cares. You can tell she loves her job. When I walk through the door I am always greeted with a smile and genuine concern for my wellbeing.

Amanda B.

Whenever I need an adjustment to correct the little tweaks in my body, Dr. Sarah is always able to work them out, and provide pointers and suggestions for avoiding or minimizing recurrences. I have referred friends and family to her, and will continue to do so.

John J.

I was recommended to this place by my massage therapist who herself gets treated there. I really liked Dr. Sarah Wu, she is very efficient and fast at treating your problem area. She also gives you stretches and suggestions for exercises to help you with your problem on the daily basis. Definitely a great clinic and I recommend it.


The online booking is very convenient then you arrive at a very clean, tranquil office to be greeted with a smile. Dr.Wu helped ease my back pain during pregnancy with gentle adjustments and I see her for regular tune ups with all the bending, lifting and carrying being a new mom entails! With a combination of asking questions, listening to your answers and examination she effectively treats the issue and explains what is happening. She even gives preventative suggestions- highly recommended!!


Was recommended to try out chiro in pregnancy and hesitantly made an appointment after bad memories of chiropractic care as a child. I loved my experience, Dr. Sarah was gentle, explained everything ahead and made a great experiance for me. A week later I brought my husband in to deal with a back issue he’s put off for months.  Thank you!


I have been visiting this clinic since I became pregnant with my son (he is now 3). I was having so many problems with my joints during pregnancy and Dr Sarah Wu helped make it so I could actually walk more than a couple of blocks while pregnant. I have been seeing her ever since, any time I feel out of alignment and she immediately sees the problem and fixes me up. She always is running on time so I know I will be in and out efficiently and on with day feeling amazing.

Kristin G.

Very inovative practice and efficient, effective treatments

Dr. Sarah is very knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding current practices and research. She is very caring and takes the time to listen and hear health concerns and acts on them immediately. She is very thorough and personable. I come in with a problem and I leave without one. She is also very great with my children. The clinic is very pleasant and clean. The receptionist is friendly and the practice has up-to-date booking technology and direct billing. My whole family enjoys their visit


Pre & post-natal comfort

After being told that pelvic pain was a ‘normal’ part of my first pregnancy, I finally met Dr Sarah & she was able to help with my recovery and give me hope that next time could be more comfortable. Now ready to deliver baby #2, the entire experience has been much easier. Thank goodness for this knowledgeable & personable team!

Erin R.

Sarah is the best and provided me immense relief for knee pain that has been bothering me for quite some time and which physio had not alleviated. If anything, I arrived at her office in a mess, and left feeling awesome with the knowledge that this pain would eventually leave me with her amazing attention to my whole body. Misalignments when not corrected can cause abnormal wear and tear and Sarah’s holistic approach to health has always served me well. Just as she got my shoulder movement back



I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been suffering for a week after slipping on the ice. Dr. Sarah identified the problem and after an adjustment I was 98% better. She was very thorough in her explanation of what she was going to do and explained everything using a model. I greatly appreciated her taking the time to explain everything and put me at ease. I also appreciated that she didn’t “crack” anything. I would highly recommend her, especially for treatment during pregnancy.


Great chiropractor. Was skeptical of going to chiropractor again after many years of not going. Amazing service and treatment. Very understanding and gentle, cleared up all concerns. Feeling great!


I’ve had chronic back problems going on 20 years now and have seen a number of qualified chiropractors. The people at Momentum have by far been the best I have been treated by. Dr Sarah Wu has own herself my business.

Harry K.

We’re so grateful for Dr. Sarah Wu’s care

My family has benefited from Dr. Wu’s attentive care for 4 years. She’s a gifted, insightful and whole-picture practitioner, complementing her chiropractic skills with a keen ear. In particular, Dr. Wu helped my son avoid developing the stooped shoulders that run in his family. I can’t imagine what we’d do without her.

Lou M.