The first 30 minutes of your New Patient intake ($100) is held over a secure video platform so that Dr. Wu can get to know you,  your current concern, and relevant health information.

Following the virtual appointment, a 30 minute focused in-clinic physical exam ($70) will be scheduled where she will ask you to do a number of movements, test your muscles, etc.  in order to assist in making a diagnosis.

Once you are equipped with the knowledge about what your symptoms have revealed to Dr. Wu through her assessment, recommendations of care will be provided.  She is committed to partnering with you to achieve your ultimate goal, but how far you want to take her recommendations always remain up to you.

Initial symptom relief can be felt anywhere within a few days to a few weeks, whereas restoration of optimal mechanics can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.  As always, results depend on many other factors such as your age, how long the problem has been bothering you, life stressors, lifestyle factors re: exercise etc.